Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

The last couple of months, your teachers and principal have given Chapel messages about well-known, and impactful members of the Christian faith and about what we can glean from their life and example. We have called this sermon series: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants. We have heard about amazing historical figures, from Gregory the Great to Mary. Today, I will be speaking on a person, both from history, and from historical fiction…Alexander Hamilton.


“Aw, come on.”  “Do I have to?” “Really?”  It usually helps if these comments are accompanied by loud sighing, eye rolling, by throwing your hands in the air.  Have I described someone you have seen or heard lately? Teachers, have I described someone that you may have encountered once or twice in your teaching career? […]

Glory and Greatness

Big Idea Our innate drive to achieve glory and greatness are good and are met in Christ.   Definitions Glory – the state of being considered praiseworthy by other people. Greatness – to be thought of as having reached the pinnacle of one’s capacity. Key Passages “The glory [beauty/splendor] of the young is their strength, […]

So what’s the big idea?  The goal in a Christian community is perfection!   Christian perfection  can be defined as maturity of character that recognizes God’s standard for human excellence, seeks to understand that standard, and pursues that standard, while recognizing where one falls short. Not that I have already obtained this [the full likeness […]