Welcome to Kindergarten at Annapolis Christian Academy

Annapolis’ unique classical Kindergarten model provides an incredibly powerful classroom experience for young students.  Characterized by a sense of wonder, amazement, and an infectious love of learning, Kindergarten students are docile, receptive, and eager to learn and learn best through structured times of imitation, singing, memorizing, chanting, playing, moving, exploring, and discovering.   In addition to building a strong foundation in academic skills and knowledge, Annapolis Kindergarten teachers are the school’s “wonder workers,” specially trained to shape the souls, cultivate the affections,  and make a deep and lasting impression on students while the “cement is still wet.”

What Will My Child Learn in Kindergarten?

Students learn to hide God’s word in their hearts through the singing of scripture, memorizing of Bible verses and catechism, and the hearing and retelling of the story of the Bible.  Children have an amazing ability to memorize at this age.  By the end of Kindergarten, they are able to recite 33 verses from both the Old and New Testaments!

We encourage our students to develop a love of reading through instruction in phonics as well as exposure to quality, classic children’s literature which is read aloud daily.  We utilize the Spalding phonics program which provides instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, handwriting and spelling in an integrated approach.

The Math In Focus curriculum and manipulatives we utilize are designed to provide knowledge and confidence in math skills.  An incremental approach to math instruction, this program teaches students number recognition, counting, sorting, pattern recognition, geometric shapes, measuring, estimating, telling time, graphing, and of course basic addition and subtraction.

Kindergarten students have a natural curiosity and wonder at the world around them, and our science units take full advantage to develop a love of learning.  Units include: Discovering Myself, Discovering Insects, Discovering Animals, Discovering Seasons, Discovering Simple Machines, and Discovering Plants.

Kindergarten students begin to discover and explore God’s world.  They start with what they know in All About Me, and then move to My City & Its Community Helpers.  From there, they begin to explore My State, My Country, My World, studying cultures of children from 8 different countries

Students experience a weekly art class with our gifted art staff where they learn the elements of art and shape through songs and chants, discover about the lives and artwork of famous artists as well as how to draw various objects by breaking them down into geometric shapes.

Our students sing, move, chant, draw, paint, listen, play and more as they develop social, music, art, and motor skills while exploring the world of music and story.

Kindergarten students attend the Grammar school chapel each Wednesday morning where they participate in a beautiful worship service.  Many parents attend this interdenominational worship service with their children.

In addition to enjoying recess each morning and afternoon, Kindergarten students develop motor skills in physical education classes which take place on the playground, on the playing field, and in our gymnasium.

Our Teachers