School of Rhetoric

Welcome to the School of Rhetoric!

Established in 1995, Annapolis’ School of Rhetoric encompasses grades 9 – 12 and brings together a diverse community of students and faculty devoted to the love of learning, the cultivation of wisdom and eloquence, and the pursuit of life’s most important questions.  Our unique approach to high school education includes:

  • The Great Conversation:  School of Rhetoric curricula introduce students to their intellectual and spiritual heritage by a direct encounter with the greatest primary texts and authors in the Western intellectual tradition.  As part of the interdisciplinary humanities core, students read, write about, and discuss the most foundational works of literature, politics, theology, and philosophy — from antiquity to the present — in small, dynamic, seminar-style classes.
  • Faith Seeking Understanding: Balancing excellent academics with the formation of Christian character, students are given the unique opportunity to participate in an academic community where questions of faith and reason are taken seriously and discussed openly.
  • Wisdom & Eloquence: With smaller classes, block scheduling, and high levels of interaction with teachers, students in the School of Rhetoric are challenged to go deep into subject matter using the Socratic Method of questioning and discussion-based classroom techniques.  Engaged discussions, persuasive student presentations, and lively classroom debates challenge each student to think critically and speak persuasively to justify their beliefs.  In addition, Annapolis’ signature Trivium sequence (grammar, logic, and rhetoric) develops core writing and public speaking skills early on and prepares students to write and orally defend a major thesis during their senior year.
  • Interdisciplinary Studies: Life is interdisciplinary; shouldn’t your education be too?  Integrating history, literature, philosophy, theology, art, and science trains students to see connections between different subjects and disciplines, between what goes on in the classroom and the lives they pursue outside of class, and between the life of the intellect and the life of faith.
  • Passion for Learning, Prepared for Life: Whether in the interdisciplinary humanities core, the lab sciences, or Annapolis’ unique math mastery classes, School of Rhetoric students move beyond the mind-numbing teach to the test, “cram, pass, forget” cycle to a real passion for learning that  prepares them for the rigors of college and life beyond.