College Guidance (Advising)

Annapolis’ College Advising Program focuses on building relationships with our students to help them and their families discern the wisest choices to make regarding life after high school.  96% of our alumni have continued their educations at two or four year colleges or universities, and 4% of alumni have entered military service immediately after high school.

  • Grade 9: Freshman learn how to build a strong GPA, what details to record about their extracurricular activities, why elective choices are important, and when they should take college admissions tests.
  • Grade 10: Sophomores receive guidance in applying to academic camps and internships, practice taking standardized tests, and lists of colleges to research or visit based on their personal interests.
  • Grade 11: Juniors take Annapolis’ signature College Preparedness class in which they practice college admissions testing, create a portfolio of college application essays, and research colleges of interest to them.
  • Grade 12: Seniors work one-on-one with guidance staff to submit college and scholarship applications, review financial aid offers, and decide what to do following graduation.
  • Graduates: Alumni request transcripts and records from the guidance office, receive information about scholarship opportunities, and return to Annapolis to tutor and mentor current students.

Where Our Students Go After Graduation

Shayla Floyd
College and Career Advisor