ACA Announces 2022 Commencement Speaker

ACA Announces 2022 Commencement Speaker Mrs. Pat Kinner

Mrs. Pat Kinner and her husband Don felt called by God to join with other local Christian parents in founding Annapolis Christian Academy in 1995. As a founding Board member, she played many key roles at Annapolis during the first 23 years of the school’s history. She served as the school’s first administrator and taught various subjects and grades in the Schools of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric including World History, Ancient History, Ancient Literature, Bible, Logic, Rhetoric as well as 5th and 3rd grades.
Throughout the school’s early years, she served in several capacities on the board, including secretary, treasurer, and vice president and chaired numerous committees. Mrs. Kinner was named Grammar School Principal in 2011 and served in that capacity until retiring in 2017. She was the last of the original board members to leave the board when she stepped down to be the Grammar School Principal in 2011.
She relishes far too many high points from her years at Annapolis to list. Among the top would be the honor (and challenge!) to teach her own children, to participate in their graduations—Casey, class of 2007, and Rachel, class of 2010—and, after so many years—to witness God’s provision of a permanent campus on Staples Street after having helped move the school to various church locations over the years. As Grammar School Principal, she delighted in the opportunity to witness the growth of the school’s mission to provide biblically based, classical education to such a larger audience. She has fond memories of so many students, faculty, and parents she served during those years.
Although she thought she was retiring when she left Annapolis, God had other plans. She has served as the Associate Director of the Pregnancy Center of the Coastal Bend since 2019. In her life before Annapolis, Mrs. Kinner had a career in human resources and non-profit management after receiving a liberal arts education from Colorado College.
Pat and her husband Don will soon be celebrating their 50 th wedding anniversary and are thankful to be the grandparents of Sasha and Jacob—two of their most favorite people on earth.

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