In keeping with the ethos of classical education, and in an effort to maintain a rich student culture, Annapolis Christian Academy divides all students and faculty in the Schools of Logic and Rhetoric (grades 7-12) into four separate Houses. The Annapolis House System is akin to those of traditional European boarding schools, where students of varying age and gender are forged into a team overseen by invested faculty. There are many benefits to such a system:

  • It provides chances for student leadership and mentoring.
  • It allows for constructive competition and positive peer influence.
  • It is an additional organizational structure beyond traditional grade and gender divisions.
  • It helps to foster student mentoring relationships across grade levels.
  • It allows for a new relational dimension in student-teacher relationships.
  • It encourages student self-government.

Each house is maintained at an equal number of students and a relatively equal distribution of age and gender. Faculty serve as House Counsel (two per House), and students from the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades apply each year to lead their Houses as House Senators. Students remain in the same House during their tenure, and siblings are placed together in the same House.

Despite the similarity in structure, Houses are encouraged to each develop their own distinct identity. The four Houses of Annapolis are named for biblical archetypes, allowing students to study many note-worthy individuals throughout church history, ancient and modern. Students can then learn from the common virtues and positive attributes these exemplars embody and talk honestly about their shortcomings and faults.

House of Prophets

In Veritate Victoria
“Victory in Truth”

Named for the men and women of old who boldly proclaimed the word of God in the face of persecution and death, and for the men and women who even today stand with integrity for truth, the House of Prophets stands for boldness, honesty, and perseverance. The colors of the House of Prophets are light blue and ebony. The Eagle, a speedy messenger known for its farsightedness and often lonely journey, is the crest for the House of Prophets.

House of Priests

Laudare! Benedicere! Praedicare!
“To praise! To bless! To preach!”

Compassion, diligence, and humility are the marks of those who truly embraced God’s call to shepherd and minister to His people. The House of Priests is named for the men of old, and the men and women now, who serve and love God’s people. The colors of the House of Priests are hunter’s green and white.The Griffin is the crest for the House of Priests, due to the mythical icon’s dual nature- the heavenly and the terrestrial, fierce yet healing, a danger and protector.

House of Kings

Nil Desperandum
“Never Despair”

The righteous rule with justice, mercy, and reason. The House of Kings is named for both the historical monarchs who aspired to these ideals and the men and women of today who take seriously and humbly the responsibility of leading others. The colors of the House of Kings are purple and gold. The Lion, a symbol of regal power and authority, is chosen to be the crest of the House of Kings, with a reminder to heed the lion’s example as the protective leader of its pride.

House of Martyrs

Vive ut Vivas
“Live that you may live forever”

The House of Martyrs is named in memory of those men and women who displayed valor, integrity, and fidelity as they nobly bore witness to the Gospel and the truth, even in the face of suffering and death. The colors of the House of Martyrs are crimson and silver. The mythical Phoenix is the crest of the House of Martyrs; the new life that was said to be born out of the ashes of a phoenix’s fiery death is an image of the reality of new life to which those who persevere until the last breath will awake.