Senior Thesis Presentations

A senior thesis is the culmination – a kind of capstone – of the Christian liberal arts and sciences education students receive at Annapolis, and thus every student at ACA is required to complete a Senior Thesis in order to graduate.  Annapolis’ vision for students goes beyond merely providing skills to pass the SAT and preparing students for the rigors of college.  Ultimately, Annapolis’ vision is to create cultural leaders equipped with a biblical worldview and the necessary wisdom, virtue, maturity, eloquence, and cultural consciousness to be used by God as agents of good in his world.  In short, we want to help shape students who are both heavenly minded and capable of great earthly good.  Two of the most important marks of true leadership are wisdom and eloquence.  Wisdom requires that a person be capable of discerning rightly between what is true and good and beautiful in society and what is not; it requires that a person understand the scriptures and “everything else.”  This we have tried to provide through our general liberal arts and sciences courses.  Eloquence requires oratorical skill; it requires the ability to persuade people to follow; it requires upright and virtuous character; it requires sound reasoning and clear communication.  This we have tried to provide through a heavy exposure to the arts of grammar, logic, and rhetoric which culminate in a senior thesis.  A senior thesis is the culmination of both aspects of an Annapolis student’s training – wisdom, eloquence and cultural leadership.

2021 Senior Thesis Presentations

To watch each Senior’s presentation, click on the student’s name to be taken to the video.

2020 Senior Thesis Presentations

  • Jay Guzman – Flu Vaccines and Disease Prevention
  • Maya Liefer – Screen Time: Is it really so bad?
  • Grace SchlimmerHomework: Too much of a good thing? 
  • Caleb Terry – Deforestation and the Green Movement: A Path Forward
  • Javi Garcia – The End of Youth Ministry
  • Ronnie Boehnke – The Age of the Earth: Kind of a big deal?

2021 Valedictorian Bryan Lopez Senior Thesis Presentation

2021 Salutatorian Ava Gleason Senior Thesis Presentation