About Us

Annapolis Christian Academy exists to glorify God by providing an educational community committed to the classical and Christian ideals of truth, goodness and beauty, the cultivation of wisdom and virtue, and the integration of faith and learning with all of life. Our goal is to partner with families to cultivate students committed to impacting our culture for Christ. 


Annapolis Christian Academy is focused on education with a Biblical worldview. All subjects at Annapolis Christian Academy are taught as part of an integrated whole with God’s Word at the center. The purpose of this is to help students see God’s sovereignty over all things and to glorify Him as Lord. ACA teachers, administration, and support staff are committed to demonstrating excellence as they devote themselves to educating students and training the next generation of Christian leaders. 


You will notice the difference in our school when you first step foot on our campus as a student, parent, grandparent or teacher. The overwhelming sense that God has a purpose for Annapolis and a big vision for our community is evident. When you invest in Annapolis Christian Academy, you become part of that vision- you become part of our Warrior Family.

  • As a PK-12th grade campus, our school of rhetoric students act as role models and mentors to our students in the schools of logic and grammar
  • Parents of younger children benefit from the support system of older parents who encourage and guide them through their time at Annapolis.
  • Master teachers help support and train new teachers fostering a culture of collegiality and professional development.

This kind of community is what makes Annapolis such a truly special place.

Teachers, coaches, and administrators are the heart and soul of our Annapolis community. They are the ones entrusted with shaping the hearts and minds of your child with integrity and Godly wisdom. 

Members of the Annapolis school board consist of current and past parents and grandparents, alumni and interested community members who are passionate about the mission of the academy and committed to ensuring its prosperous future.


The story of Annapolis began with a group of parents and a vision of educational excellence.  Inspired by the classical Christian philosophy of education, this visionary group of parents began making plans to found a school that would promote high academic standards, foster a robust Christian faith, train students in virtue, and equip them with the wisdom and leadership skills necessary to impact their culture. By God’s grace, they obtained a generous grant to renovate the old Second Baptist church building in downtown Corpus Christi and opened for instruction in September of 1995 with 99 students.

Since that time, Annapolis has seen steady growth in both enrollment and the maturity of its programs, requiring the occupation of four separate facilities throughout its history. In the spring of 2008, Annapolis’ growth reached a critical point, prompting the school board to embark on a campaign to purchase a permanent campus to foster Annapolis’ continued growth and continued impact on the Coastal Bend community for generations to come.

In May of 2009, Annapolis became accredited with the Association of Classical and Christian Schools and purchased the historic 14-acre Parkdale Baptist Church campus at 3875 S. Staples. With its forty-three-foot spire pointing heavenward, its magnificent gothic-inspired architecture, and its beautiful sanctuary and educational facilities, the Parkdale campus visibly communicates Annapolis’ commitment to the classical Christian principles of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

In 2016, we began construction on a new playground and the new Jack L. Carter School of Rhetoric. The new playground was completed in April of 2019. The new building will finish at 18,000 square feet and include 2 science labs, a digital library, classrooms, and a common space to be used for small groups and study times. It will also include a courtyard for outdoor class time and small group study.