Alumni Spotlight – Meredith Whitehurst Robinson

Meredith attended ACA and was an As and Bs student. While she excelled in writing, history and literature classes, she struggled more with math and science while in school. In order to fill in the gap, she took several night classes at Del Mar as a senior so that she would be prepared when it came time for college. At that time ACA didn’t offer dual credit classes, though dual credit classes are currently offered in partnership with Colorado Christian University.  After graduating from Annapolis, Meredith was accepted at Baylor University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She was then one of 12 students accepted into the Masters Program at Baylor for Speech Pathology.
Throughout college Meredith had some of the strongest writing, reasoning and comprehension skills of any of peers which she attributes to the excellent foundation she received at Annapolis. The great study skills is something she feels helped her maintain a high GPA throughout school and the experience of writing and defending her senior thesis prepared her for public speaking and is a source of pride to this day.
Meredith returned to Corpus Christi and is currently a Speech-Language Pathologist at Driscoll Children’s Hospital. She is married to Nathan Robinson.