Construction Update

Building A Future Campaign Construction Update

Construction of the new Jack L. Carter School of Rhetoric is underway! Below is a brief update on what has been done to date:

  • A fire suppression system has been installed.
  • The steel skeleton of the building has been raised, and the roof and 2nd floor have been hung up.
  • A brand new, state-of-the-art playground was put in between the new building and the School of Grammar, complete with swing-sets, a self-propelled merry-go-round, a cargo-net pyramid, musical equipment, a large sun screen, and enough platforms and twirly things to keep kids occupied and active for hours. Our kids have been loving it, and parents have been congregating around the facility for some friendly socialization during pick-up hours.
  • A massive foundation has been poured. It’s hefty enough for a 20-story building!
  • All overhead electrical service has been placed underground.  The service had previously passed between the gym and football field, then across the parking lot that is being transformed into the Sports Quad to a very ugly service point next to the Admin. / Sanctuary Building.  You can see the new junction box and panel just south of the entrance to the sanctuary on the west side of the building.  The new transformer at grade is on the north side of that entrance.  It replaced three transformers that were previously mounted on poles above the new panel.  The underground electrical service was also extended to the existing School of Rhetoric Building and conduits are underground near the location of a future transformer that will serve the new School of Rhetoric Building.
  • All underground clay pipe septic lines on the campus were replaced with new PVC lines.
  • All underground conduit raceways have been installed to serve all buildings for existing and future telephone, internet, and security needs.
  • A cooling tower for the HVAC system serving Rogers Hall was replaced with a new system.  The previous cooling tower was near end of life and was located in the southeast corner of the future Sports Quad area.  It needed to be demo’ed from that location and due to its age, a new system was installed next to Rogers Hall.
  • A new concrete parking lot was constructed on the east side of the Admin. / Sanctuary Building.  This parking lot was needed to offset the previous parking lot that was located between the Admin. / Sanctuary, School of Rhetoric, and Rogers Hall.  The new Sports Quad and new School of Rhetoric Building will be constructed in the former parking lot space.
  • With the new parking lot project, a new drainage system was installed to correct a flooding issue that has impacted the existing gym.  Due to the elevation of the gym’s floor, two feet below the foundation of other buildings on campus, the gym has experienced flooding twice in the last five years.  Both events required the replacement of the gym floor and all drywall up to 4 ft. from the floor throughout the building.  The new drainage system allows multiple inlets throughout the newly installed concrete roadways to allow water from heavy rain events to be directed to a recently upgraded drainage system along Staple St.  The new system performed very well during a recent heavy rain event that produced around 15 inches of rain in two days.  The gym did not experience any flooding during this heavy rain event.
  • Additional concrete roadwork was installed around the campus to satisfy fire code permit requirements identified during the permitting process with the city of Corpus Christi.  ADA requirements were also included with the design as well as required parking spaces for the campus in its fully expanded plan.
  • New concrete sidewalks and paths have been poured along drive area and what will be the new SportsQuad and School of Rhetoric.