Our Community

Relationships that last a lifetime

Something magical happens when you first step foot on our campus as a student, parent, grandparent or teacher. You become part of something bigger- you become part of the Warrior Family.

  • As a PK-12th grade campus, our school of rhetoric students act as role models and mentors to our students in the schools of logic and grammar
  • Parents of younger children benefit from the support system of older parents who encourage and guide them through their time at Annapolis.
  • Master teachers help support and train new teachers fostering a culture of collegiality and professional development.

This kind of community is what makes Annapolis such a truly special place. We laugh, cry, and learn with one another as we walk out God’s plan for our lives together.

Parents Welcome

A child’s ideas about education and its significance begin int he home and Annapolis parents play an especially important role in the Warrior Family — providing a positive home life, supporting teachers, and performing valuable volunteer services to the school. Whether you’re a dad coaching a basketball team or a mom working on a fundraising committee, there are many ways for parents to get involved. Our field trips and events are spilling over with active, impassioned parents who frequently comment, “Wow! I wish that I had this kind of education! Do you take late-comers?!”

Top Ten Ways For Parents to Get Involved:

  1. Join the Annapolis volunteer society, PALS (Parents of Annapolis Lending Support)
  2. Serve on a PALS committee (Fundraising, Teacher Appreciation, Room Parent, etc.)
  3. Attend school functions such as Parent Academy, Back to School Night, Athletic & Fine Arts Events, etc.
  4. Serve on the school board or a school board committee
  5. Contribute to the annual fund & capital campaign
  6. Promote the school and its growth through positive word of mouth
  7. Attend with diligence Parent / Teacher Conferences
  8. Pray for the teachers, administrators, and students
  9. Attend a volunteer school workday
  10. Invite a friend to the annual Open House

Our Faculty & Administration

Teachers, coaches, and administrators are the heart and soul of Annapolis and the defenders of the school community. They are the ones entrusted with shaping the hearts and minds of your child, and nothing- not facilities, rankings, programs, or traditions- is more important than ensuring their unimpeachable integrity and quality.

Faculty & Administration

Our Board

Members of the Annapolis school board consist of current and past parents and grandparents, alumni and interested community members who are passionate about the mission of the academy and committed to ensuring its prosperous future.

Board of Trustees