Faculty & Administration

“A student, when he is mature, will be like his teacher.”
Luke 6:40

Teachers and coaches are the heart and soul of Annapolis. They are the ones entrusted with shaping the hearts and minds of your child, and nothing- not facilities, rankings, programs, or traditions- is more important than ensuring their unimpeachable integrity and quality.

At Annapolis, teaching is more than just a job- it’s a passion and a calling. With small classes, your student will get to know the faculty not just as teachers, scholars, and athletes, but as mentors, role models, and friends. True education is nothing less than learning wisdom and knowledge from faithful, godly teachers. That’s the beauty of education at Annapolis!


School of Grammar

Schools of Logic & Rhetoric


School leadership is about solving problems and promoting excellence in the day to day operations of the academy. From facility maintenance to student programming and financial stewardship to marketing and communication, our executive leadership team works hard to ensure the highest levels of educational quality and business professionalism.