7 ways to celebrate Christmas holidays with your kids during this pandemic

2021 countdown begins!

It’s time to celebrate the final days of 2020. However, the holiday season is a bit low this year, and minimizing gatherings is recommended for our health and safety concerns. But that doesn’t mean you get bored as you don’t have the exact Christmas planning like a past year. 

It’s time to do some creative and modify your plans. More than adults, kids feel devastated as they miss out on their mall visit to sit on Santa’s lap, their magical train ride to the north pole, and their fun of school Christmas party. 

So brainstorm the party ideas during covid so that you can uniquely celebrate covid Christmas by making your kids feel special by staying safe at home.

Academy in Corpu s Christi also tells their students to celebrate Christmas at home filled with love, hope, and grace.

Organize virtual Christmas party

Get-togethers, holiday plans are all canceled due to the pandemic, but there is no reason you can not get dressed up. Get ready with your Christmas party dress, make a special cocktail for the adults, hot choco drink for the kids, and turn on your favorite holiday tune to get in the party mood. 

Make a Zoom link and send it out a calendar invite this month for the covid Christmas virtual party. And don’t forget to send a gift before the big virtual event so you can have the amazing virtual secret Santa gift exchange, and everyone can unwrap their gifts together. It will also be a bonus point if everyone makes their favorite starter to enjoy on the call.

Do an at-home DIY photoshoot.

It’s time to level up your Instagram with an at-home crazy photoshoot. Make it even more jolly with some hand made props and quirky ideas. You can have the best fashion statement morning photoshoot this holiday season by wearing matching pajamas with your family or roommates.

Have you heard about the ugly Christmas sweaters? Great, but ugly Christmas masks are so 2020. Collect all your art supplies, and the more glitter, the better it looks. So let your creativity flow and plan to post with your craftiest crew when everyone’s done, and the ugliest mask of Christmas wins a prize. Crazy!

Time for some innovation

Keep your little ones occupied in innovation and let them be creative in making Christmas cards. To take things up to mark for 2020 and create the whole process into a new tradition for family and friends. 

Tell your kid to collect craft materials and make gifts for their loved ones. You can also arrange for the two to three kiddos to work simultaneously on zoom and show their masterpiece when everyone’s done making it. Academy in Corpus Christi also believes that kids should bring out their creativity lying inside them.

Send cards and gifts.

Everyone loves gifts, and it is always a fun part of this season. 2020 has been challenging for everyone, but you can still make someone’s day by sending them a gift to put under their tree. Take a promise from them to wait until the 25th to open it so you can even plan a video call to see their live reactions. Get out your crayons, stickers, and Christmas papers, and write a heartfelt Christmas card to show people what you are thinking of them. 

Do special this year by thanking people and sending these emotional cards to nursing homes, covid19 patients, doctors, nurses, and workers and send a big virtual hug to them.

Visit virtual Santa

You shouldn’t break the social distancing rule. Some places are getting innovative to keep your kid visit Santa in person by placing a barrier between them. But you don’t have to leave your house to travel to the north pole. 

Keep the magic of the holiday alive with personalized videos from Santa. Santa club will allow you to purchase live video call sessions or message video from Santa itself. You can keep this memory to look back on for years to come. 

Fuel up your festival with some yummy treats!

Staying home all the time, I am doing a lot of cooking and overeating. Thank god! The holiday is here because now I have legit excuses to bake a pie, cupcakes, and all the sweet stuff without thinking of any reason. To be creative in the kitchen, you don’t have to be a master chef.

Cooking for Santa is a tradition, but making enough of it so we can eat too. You can make your personalized festive cocktail that your heart desires or bake a cinnamon roll to eat while you open your gifts from Santa. 

Plan a family night out

Family game night is always a great idea, and it becomes special when you enjoy it under the Christmas tree lights. Gather everyone for a zoom game night and end it with prizes. Few options are:

  • Turn on the music and play “guess the song.”
  • Plan some family Christmas questions and make all to answer them.
  • Play the game of “Who Am I?” and write it on a sticky note and tell them to put it on their forehead. 

It is fun to plan some innovative Covid Christmas idea that you can stay home and enjoy the same as you did last year. It is not the time to sit in boredom thinking about what we are not doing this year. It is time to innovate some good ideas to make yourself and your kids enjoy this Christmas and make it memorable for years. Get up and plan some.

Merry Christmas to all!