ACA Hires New Chief Development Officer

Annapolis Christian Academy is pleased to announce the selection of Kyle Long as the academy’s next Chief Development Officer. Kyle is no stranger to Annapolis. From 2004 to the present, he has successfully led Annapolis’ varsity boys basketball team as head coach, and from 2008-2011 Kyle served as a member of the Annapolis Board of Trustees and led the board’s capital fundraising efforts during that time. Since 2003, Kyle has served as the Executive Vice President of an Oil and Gas exploration company in Corpus Christi where he played a critical role in sales and development. However, his passion has always been education.

In a statement, Kyle relates what motivated him to accept the Chief Development Officer position:

“Prior to moving my family to Corpus Christi, I served for more than a decade as a public school teacher, coach, and administrator in the communities of Flagstaff and Page, Arizona. Over time, as I experienced the public school setting, I grew to desire a different educational environment for my own children. Fortunately, the Lord led our family to Annapolis Christian Academy in 2003, and introduced us to the philosophy and pedagogy of Classical Christian education. Upon discussing its benefits with others and reading necessary material, my wife and I were completely hooked! Now, almost 13 years later, with our oldest son graduating from Annapolis this year and having spent considerable time being part of and serving the Annapolis community, I believe God’s call and directive in my life is to be more involved in the Classical Christian Education movement and I am thankful to have the skills necessary to thrive in the position of Chief Development Officer for Annapolis Christian Academy.”

Kyle brings with him 5 key components that are necessary for success in his new position:

  1. A sense of calling to education as a ministry to the Lord and his people.
  2. A background in education including a Masters of Science in Educational Leadership.
  3. A depth and breadth of experience in sales and fundraising leadership.
  4. A passion for and commitment to the mission of Annapolis and a strong testimony as a satisfied parent.
  5. An ability to empower others toward a common goal and communicate on authentic and personal levels with all constituents.

Please join us in welcoming Kyle Long to Team Annapolis!