Senior Spotlight: Melissa Wilmot, 2015 ACA Valedictorian

Corpus Christi, Texas, is not Aiea, Hawaii. It’s a fact not lost on those of us who live here, and it was certainly not lost on thirteen year old Melissa Wilmot when her family received orders from Honolulu to her parents’ native Texas. A new climate, a new school, and a new (school) requirement for closed-toed shoes were not welcome adjustments to Melissa’s eighth grade year.  Five years later, graduating as valedictorian of ACA’s Class of 2015, Melissa has clearly navigated those changes successfully. Through volleyball, basketball, track, painting, drawing, and writing, Melissa has contributed her time, her talents, and her humor to the ACA community.

What does it take to be valedictorian of Annapolis?  How did you do it?

It takes hard work and self-motivation. You have to want to do your best and then actually work to achieve it. Your teachers, parents, and friends will try to help motivate you, but it is eventually left up to you to do the hard work. Don’t let yourself settle for mediocre, all your coaches, teachers, parents, and pastors will tell you that glorifying God requires your best.”

What has been your biggest challenge during your high school years?

My biggest challenge was learning how to balance my schoolwork with my sports. I participated in Volleyball, Basketball, and Track, so I never had an offseason to really focus on my schoolwork. I had to learn to manage my time wiser than I would have without sports.”

What has been your most memorable experience while attending Annapolis?

My most memorable experience has been the support group that I have had with the girls in class. I have never had such a close group of friends before, friends that are truly there with me through the thick and thin.”

What is the most important thing you learned while attending Annapolis?

I learned that you will come across people in life who you won’t like and will not want to get along with, but if you learn to see things from their perspective and understand them, then getting along becomes possible and life becomes easier.”

What will you miss the most when you graduate from Annapolis?  What will you miss the least?

I will miss all the interactions I have with my classmates and teachers on a daily basis. Not every day has been tons of fun, but the whole experience has been worthwhile. I will not miss having to be in school and sitting down for such long periods of time. The fact that classes in college are spread out more really appeals to me.”

What are your plans after you graduate from Annapolis?

I plan on attending Texas A&M College Station in the fall and pursuing a degree in Visualization. This degree would allow me the chance to work on the animation in Disney or Pixar movies.”

What are your top three goals in life?

To travel the world, learn a new language (multiple if possible), and work for Disney.”

What parting words of wisdom / advice would you give to other Annapolis students?

Don’t give up, there are people willing to help you, you just have to take the first step. And absolutely do not procrastinate, you’ll just make things harder on yourself.”