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All in the Family: A Thank You Letter from Patti & Caleb Terry

We at Annapolis cherish the opportunity to impact the lives of our students and their families.  However, it warms our hearts even greater to receive positive feedback about our mission in providing high quality, academically-driven, and God-centered education.  We invite you to read the following testimonial from one of our newer families, Patti and Caleb Terry.

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Above & Beyond: The Annapolis Value Proposition

High quality private education doesn’t come cheap.  According to recent statistical data from the National Association of Independent Schools, the median tuition for private day schools in the U.S. is $12,000 for grades 1-4, $13,000 for grades 5-8, and $15,000 for grades 9-12.  While Annapolis tuition (thankfully!) doesn’t come close to these averages, it is still reasonable for parents to wonder whether the “return” of an Annapolis education is really worth the financial investment.  It is my belief that one of the key metrics in determining the “ROI” of an Annapolis education is the degree to which Annapolis is able to meet and exceed reasonable expectations in the delivery of its mission.  Continue reading