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Intellectual Humility

In chapel this semester, we have been talking about intellectual character and virtue. Intellectual character involves the thought process behind every decision we make.

We began with intellectual courage, which is the virtue that helps you to find truth and live out that truth. We then discussed intellectual honesty, which demonstrates how we use the truth we know. It is the link that goes from our thinking to our actions. We moved on to intellectual tenacity, which we defined as being very determined and persistent in seeking truth and knowledge. For the last few weeks, we discussed intellectual carefulness, which involves patience, diligence, and carefulness in the search for truth and knowledge.

This week we turn to another virtue, intellectual humility. People who have intellectual humility want to know the truth, so they constantly recognize that they, like all people, are sinful and capable of error. They are humble because they are aware that truth is none of their making, but is God-breathed. Continue reading