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Amen to God’s Promises

Today is the last day we will discuss the promises of the Lord. But don’t make the mistake to forget God’s promise’s. We need to always lean on the promises of God and to remember them in our lives. That is what today’s message is about… Continue reading

Thanking God for His Promises

In Chapel this year, we have been talking and learning about God’s promises for us: promises to save us, love us, and always be with us.  Promises to protect us, not to harm us, to forgive us and to be slow to anger.  Promises that were fulfilled in Jesus Christ and are given to us now for all eternity.  These are beautiful promises that are made for us.

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The True Testimony: A Sermon on the Ninth Commandment

The command to give no false testimony against your neighbor is important because it was designed to protect people against the predatory practice of malicious witnesses siding against the innocent to reap illicit gain in the ancient world. Continue reading

You shall not steal: A brief sermon on the 8th commandment

This command explicitly says not to steal. In our Scriptures, this is given several applications with respect to its literal meaning.

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God’s Promise to be Slow to Anger

The gifts and promises of God are great for us. They prove to us the love and kindness and beauty of God. But do we know how big and righteous God is?

Do we really know how holy, holy, holy, high and exalted God, the Creator of the universe really is?

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God Promises to be our Strength

As we get ready to hear another story about one of God’s promises, I want to ask some questions. Have you ever been nervous about having to do something? Have you ever had to ask a stranger a question—maybe for directions–and you felt nervous about it? Or have you ever had to speak in front of your whole class—maybe to give a report or a speech?  Did you feel scared to do it?

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God Promises to be our Help in Time of Trouble

This year in chapel, we have talked about many of God’s promises:

  • The promise of salvation to those who trust in Christ
  • The promise to forgive our sins to those who confess their sins
  • The promise to be with us always
  • The promise of steadfast or never-ending love
  • The promise to hear us when we call out to Him
  • The promise to supply our needs

Today, I want to tell you a story from the Book of Judges that demonstrates all of these promises that I have just mentioned, and it also tells about another promise from God.  Have you ever found yourself in trouble and you called out to God for help?  I know I have.

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God Will Supply All Our Needs

As we have talked about God’s promises to us, we have talked about big and important promises. We have talked about the promise of God’s love, forgiveness, and that He will always be with us.  All of these promises are very important for our lives and eternity.  Today we are looking at something that is almost a secondary promise, but this promise is just as important. Philippians 4:19 says, “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”

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A Brief Sermon on the 6th Commandment

One of the interesting features of the 10 Commandments is that each of them ties back to the early chapters of Genesis and represents a positive value contained therein.

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Are You Listening God?

I love this series we are studying this semester–the promises of God!  Doesn’t that sound great?  We have talked about the promises of God’s love, forgiveness, and that He will always be with us.  Today’s message is about the promise of being heard.

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