Retreats & Travel

The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page.” –St. Augustine

Fall Retreat

Learning doesn’t stop when students leave the classroom.  Each fall, students and faculty in the school’s of Logic and Rhetoric leave the comforts of the classroom to attend a retreat in the rustic Texas hill country.  Designed to help build and strengthen relationships, the retreat is a unique opportunity for students to grow in their friendships with one another, strengthen their commitment to Christ, relate to teachers and parents outside of the home and classroom, and refresh their souls with natural beauty.  The program features many activities including swimming, hiking, ropes courses, camping, campfires, initiation rituals, talent shows, canoeing, sports, and a robust spiritual focus.

Tour of Europe

At Annapolis we believe that the study of Western Civilization, the “Flower of Christianity,” is central to our students’ proper understanding of the world in which they live. However, to properly understand the grand achievements of Western culture, we believe it is necessary to examine them firsthand. For this reason, as a capstone to our students’ educational experience, we provide opportunities for students to tour Europe. Prior to departure, the students will research and prepare an oral presentation on some aspect of the trip that interests them, and then deliver that presentation on the ground. The course of the trip, during the first two weeks in June, follows carefully the flow of Western culture from Ancient Greece through to Ancient Rome. Following that, the students proceed to examine medieval culture in the cities of Assisi and Siena, and finish with an examination of the flowering of the Renaissance in Florence and Venice.