Annapolis Bridge Program

Annapolis Christian Academy exists to glorify God by providing an educational community committed to the classical and Christian ideals of truth, goodness and beauty, the cultivation of wisdom and virtue, and the integration of faith and learning with all of life.


Our desire at Annapolis is to further the mission of classical Christian education by partnering with parents around the Corpus Christi area in taking an even greater role in the education of their children. The family’s role is vital in a child’s education. Annapolis recognizes this scriptural command and will partner with families in training up the next generation of Christian leaders. At Annapolis, we aim to educate students with excellence, imparting a Biblical world-view that will carry them throughout the rest of their lives. Whether students are full-time ACA students, or attend the Bridge Program, our commitment remains the same. As we continue to build this program, we ask for your prayers and feedback as a homeschooling family. ACA is here to serve all families of the Coastal Bend who desire a classical Christian education for their children.


The Bridge Program is an educational model where instruction is shared between a Bridge teacher on campus and parents at home. Students receive the benefit of a brick-and-mortar classroom experience coupled with the benefits of homeschooling. An on-campus Bridge Program teacher provides students with instruction two days per week while parents use our lesson plans to teach the other three days at home.

The Bridge Program integrates quality learning at home with meaningful connection to a community of classical Christian learners. Numerous benefits include: 
Greater flexibility for family time
Less commute time
Reduced cost
Greater opportunity for individualized instruction


  • The Annapolis Bridge Program will begin in Fall 2019 with grades K-1 with the possibility of adding other grammar grades. Our goal is to continue adding at least one additional grade level per year until we reach a full K-12 program. Each class must have a total of 7 students in order to proceed for that year. Though we are beginning with the K-1 class, there is potential for opening additional grammar grades depending on the interest of families.


Application Fee  – $50.00
Registration Fee – $150.00
Tuition – $4099.00
Tuition Insurance – 2.62% of tuition

Payment of the Application fee and registration fee must be made in full upon completion of the process. Tuition and tuition insurance can be paid monthly, bi-annually, or annually. 


Grade K-1 in the fall of 2019. Additional grades will be added every year until we reach a full K-12 program. A minimum of seven students per grade is required for a grade level to be offered and a maximum of 15 per course.


Classes will meet between 8:30 AM and 3:10 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays.Chapel, art, and PE will be apart of the normal curriculum for K-1.


The Bridge Program meets on campus at Annapolis Christian Academy at 3875 S. Staples St, Corpus Christi TX 78411.


The Bridge Program integrates quality learning at home with meaningful connection to a community of classical Christian learners. Numerous benefits include: greater flexibility for family time, less commute time, reduced cost, and greater opportunity for individualized instruction. Students who graduate from The Bridge Program receive an Annapolis Christian Academy diploma.


Daily ACA uniforms and chapel uniforms are required for Bridge students. Uniforms may be purchased through Land’s End online or Academic Outfitters located at 1334 Airline Rd. in Corpus Christi. More information concerning dress code can be found in the student handbook. 

We would love your feedback or questions!

If you have questions or just want to talk about what The Bridge Program would look like for your family, please contact us at
(361) 991-6004, and we would be happy to meet with you!


The Bridge Program uses the curriculum, educational philosophy, teaching methods, and resources of Annapolis Christian Academy. Bridge students receive the same diploma at graduation as the traditional Annapolis student. Additionally, Bridge students have access to Annapolis’ lunch program and library, and can participate in extra-curricular offerings at Annapolis Christian Academy including homework club and dances. Sometimes, Annapolis Christian Academy and the Bridge Program will share teachers, the science lab, or classroom space. However, the Bridge Program is a unique and distinct community, providing its own classes, and tailoring Annapolis’ curriculum to support Bridge’s mission to families. As the Bridge Program grows, events will be added for the purpose of forming a close and supportive community among Bridge students and families.

Annapolis Christian Academy’s Bridge Program is committed to providing a comprehensive and proven classical curriculum. Unlike homeschooling co-ops where parents can pick and choose the classes they have their children take, Bridge students follow a set scope and sequence that incorporates all subjects. Bridge teachers assume the responsibility of providing and implementing the curriculum, writing the lesson plans, teaching during on-campus days, and grading. The parent is responsible for following teacher-designed assignments while teaching the Annapolis curriculum during home days and attending a quarterly training session that ensures continuity between home and classroom instruction.


Q: What is the time commitment for a parent or student?
A: We expect that families will spend Monday, Wednesday, and Friday completing schoolwork at home. As students progress into harder subjects, they will spend more time on their homework. The benefit of parent-led learning is freedom to progress at the student’s individual pace. Time will vary greatly for each student depending on their personality. Our aim is for students to spend on average three hours a day for grades K-2, four hours a day for 3-6, five hours for 7-9, and six hours a day for 10-12. This amount assumes a parent will be working with multiple children at the same time, and that students will be working more independently as they mature. Weekly assignment sheet examples are available on request.

Q: Will my child’s transcript look the same as an Annapolis student?
A: Yes. Bridge students are taking the same classes with the same curriculum as an Annapolis student.

Q: Is the Bridge program accredited?
A: No. While the bridge program is not accredited, the program is currently seeking full accreditation.  Our current accrediting organizations, Association of Classical and Christian Schools and TEPSAC, do not currently offer accreditation for this model of program, but they are working to develop an accreditation add-on.

Q: Does the Bridge program offer sports and other extracurricular activities?
A: Yes. Our current athletic association, T-CAL, affords Annapolis the opportunity to allow homeschooled students the right to participate in their league.

Q: What if I have a question while teaching my child and cannot reach his or her teacher?
A: All teachers are required by contract to be available during off-campus school days. Teachers will check email at regular intervals during those days in order to respond to questions in a timely manner. We also want to emphasize parent and student responsibility for being prepared each week for their lessons.

Q: What if the information my student is learning is far above my own knowledge as a parent?
A: To help with this, we have chosen curriculum that is user-friendly and contains adequate teaching resources. Additionally, classroom teachers are available for questions. One benefit of this model is that parents are given the gift of time to learn alongside their child. Often, the best learning comes when we have to work for it.

Q: Can my student transfer into Annapolis Christian Academy’s full-time program at any time?
A: Yes, if there is an opening. The Bridge Program is designed so that a student can, for example, attend 6th grade in the Bridge Program and be prepared for 7th grade in Annapolis Christian Academy’s Logic School. As with any transition between schools, parents and students should expect a time of adjustment. Family interviews and an application fee may apply when changing between Bridge and Annapolis Christian Academy and the registration fees may be slightly different as well.

Q: I have three children in different grades. How will I have the time and ability to manage all their needs the three days a week at home?
A: Teaching multiple levels of students is never easy, but the Bridge Program makes our curriculum doable for any committed parent.
  • All Bridge students follow the same historical time period. This way, students across the grades can participate in what their siblings are learning.
  • In the younger grades, certain classes are combined between grades so that parents do not have to teach a whole new class to each student.
  • Teachers strive to mitigate the work by giving clear instructions for both parents and students.
  • The Bridge Program emphasizes and teaches time management and responsibility from a young age.
You can also have some students in Bridge and others in the full-time program as well.

Q: Can I apply to teach at The Bridge Program?
A: We are currently looking for teachers who are excited to be a part of our growing community! Email for our Bridge teacher application.

Q: How do I know the Bridge Program is right for me?
A: Consider the following questions as parents:
  • Will our family benefit from having another person organize the curriculum for our children’s instruction?
  • Can we provide an environment conducive to learning within our home?
  • Are our family dynamics such that our children will respond to us as their teachers?
  • Are our family dynamics such that we can commit to the workload required at home?
  • Is this the best educational model for us?
Pray about it.

Contact us!

If you have questions or just want to talk about what The Bridge Program would look like for your family, please contact us at (361) 991-6004 and we would be happy to meet with you!