New Parent Orientation

New Parent Orientation Thursday, August 6th 6 pm New parents have the opportunity to get all their first day, first week and first year questions answered at this brief and informative meeting. We will meet in the cafeteria at 6 pm and walk you through how the first day of school will go, what the […]

Senior Spotlight: Melissa Wilmot, 2015 ACA Valedictorian

It takes hard work and self-motivation to be valedictorian. You have to want to do your best and then actually work to achieve it. Your teachers, parents, and friends will try to help motivate you, but it is eventually left up to you to do the hard work. Don’t let yourself settle for mediocre, all your coaches, teachers, parents, and pastors will tell you that glorifying God requires your best.

Respecting Readiness

Is your child “ready” for first grade? Is she “ready” to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic? If you attempt to answer this question by looking at her birth certificate and the calendar, you’re looking in the wrong direction. Chronological age and arbitrary cut-offs are completely irrelevant. The only thing that truly matters is your child’s individual rate and pattern of development.