Admissions Overview

Is Annapolis right for your child?

Welcome to admissions at Annapolis!  We are eager to make your acquaintance and help you determine if Annapolis is the right choice for your family.  The first step is to schedule a personal tour, attend one of our Open House events, or Inquire for more information and see first hand why Annapolis might be the perfect fit for your family’s education.

    • Schedule a Tour:  A personal tour tailored to your specific needs is one of the best ways to determine if Annapolis is right for your family.  The highly personal attention with our experienced admissions staff ensures all your questions get answered and provides a thorough glimpse of the actual learning environment and classroom experience.

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  • Attend an Open House or Parent Coffee:  Open House events at Annapolis offer prospective families a chance to observe the daily schedule of classes and activities that their child would experience as an ACA student .  These events are held during school hours and provide a comprehensive overview of the school and information about our unique classical Christian approach to education.

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  • Inquire for More Info:  If you are unsure about whether you’d like to schedule a tour or attend an Open House but would like more information, please fill out an inquiry form and tell us more about how we can help.  Our admissions staff will respond with detailed answers to your questions.


Ready to Get Started?

After you take a tour or attend an Open House, the next step is to apply for admission to the academy.  The application process can take up to several weeks so if you determine that Annapolis is a good fit, it is important to start this process as soon as possible.

  • Apply for Admission:  The application process begins upon submission of an online application form. There is a $50 application fee which covers processing and testing.  When submitting an application, you’ll be asked to provide contact information for several references. We’ll take care of contacting these references and collecting their reference for you.

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  • Compile Required Documents:  After you have applied, it is imperative that you begin to compile the following documents which must be submitted before your student can be enrolled.  These documents can be submitted at anytime after application but are most often submitted at the time of the family interview.
  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Record of Immunizations
  3. Most Recent Report Card (if transferring from another school
  4. Most Recent Standardized Testing Report (if transferring from another school)
  • Schedule Testing:  After you have submitted the online application, the next step is to schedule your child’s admissions testing.  Testing / developmental readiness screening is required for all new applicants to ensure your student’s success at Annapolis.  Testing can take between 45 minutes (for younger children) and 2 hours (for older students).   Admissions tests are given by appointment only.

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  • Apply For Aid: If financial aid is required for you to enroll at Annapolis, it is important that you apply to Annapolis’ Need Based Financial Aid Program as soon as possible.  Aid is awarded on a first come, first served basis and is limited.  Annapolis utilizes an objective third party for determining aid awards.   Award determination can take up to one week and requires verification of financial need through submission of appropriate tax documentation.

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  • Schedule a Family Interview:  Education works best when the family and school work in close partnership together.  The family interview is a vital part of establishing that partnership, setting expectations, and getting to know one another on a more personal level.  Once all paperwork and testing are complete, the admissions committee meets with parents and students on the school campus for about 30 minutes.  This is the last step prior to enrollment.  After the interview, the admissions committee will meet to review the student application and determine if the student will be admitted.  A letter will be sent notifying families of the decision of the committee.

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  • Complete Enrollment Contract:  When a student has been admitted, a welcome letter will be sent to the family along with a contract of enrollment.  If aid is being awarded, this amount will be reflected in the contract.  Once this contract has been signed and returned to the business office with a check for registration, your student will officially be enrolled at Annapolis and eligible to attend classes.

A Note about Timing

  • Ideally, the enrollment process begins in the spring of the academic year prior to the year your student hopes to attend.  This allows for plenty of time to determine if Annapolis is the right fit for your family and ensures a family is first in line to be admitted when an opening occurs.
  • Re-enrollment for returning students (and their siblings, regardless of whether they’ve attended Annapolis before) begins January 1 and ends February 28. Be sure to re-enroll in a timely manner to secure a priority admissions seat. After the end of the fall semester, all families are considered “new” and can enroll during Open Enrollment.
  • Open enrollment for new families, which is first-come, first-served, begins March 1. If an applicant and family are found to be admissible but space is not available, you have the option of remaining in a waiting pool to be considered should a spot become available.

Have further questions about the overall Admissions process?  Contact the Annapolis Admissions Office directly.

Reference Forms

Here are quick and easy links to reference forms that can be sent to people you identify as references in your application.

Transcript Request Form

Principal Recommend Form

Reference Form