Meet Michelle (Class of 2018)

Dear Annapolis Friends and Families (even those who rooted for the Patriots to win the Super Bowl),

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to one of Annapolis Christian Academy’s finest students and all around amazing person: Michelle Gregory.  Michelle was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas and is one of a handful of students graduating this year who has attended Annapolis Christian Academy since kindergarten. In addition to her incredible legacy of scholastic achievement (Michelle will graduate in the top tier of her class), Michelle has also been an active participant and leader in every area of our school community from service club to varsity volleyball to stage manager in ACA’s burgeoning theatre department.  Quiet and kind but with an incredible strength of character, Michelle is a true Annapolis Warrior and we are proud of the woman she has become!

Personal Mission Statement:

Making the world a better place, using my special skills, and having fun while doing it!

* * *

Plans for the future:

I want to attend nursing school at UT Austin (Hook’em Horns!). After that, I want to join the military as a nurse while working on my doctorate to be a nurse practitioner, with a focus on pediatrics. After I earn my doctorate, I want to join a humanitarian organization (Samaritan’s Purse, Nurses Without Borders, etc) to travel the world (I hope to adopt kids) and spread the gospel throughout my life.

* * *

Community Involvement:

During the summer of 2017, I acquired a job at Aqua-Tots Swim School as a Water Safety Instructor where I taught children, from the ages of four months to twelve years old, how to swim. I am also self-employed. I babysit regularly and use my sewing skills to mend clothing. I am also a part of the  Annapolis Christian Academy Service Club where we perform acts of service at school and in the local community, such as cleaning up beaches and parks, decorating the downtown, collecting clothes and organizing food drives, and working at the Ronald McDonald House. As a part of the service club, Lauren Reynolds and I were ambassadors for the two annual blood drives this school year. At church, I help out every year with the Vacation Bible School. I assisted adult recreation leaders, supervised children, directed games, and led small groups. I also assisted teaching children Sunday School lessons regularly on Sundays.

* * *

How ACA prepared me for college:

Annapolis has definitely prepared me for college. My teachers have taught me how to think critically and creatively (i.e. outside the box); both useful skills needed in college. The challenge of mastering a rigorous academic program has taught me the joy of learning and now it comes naturally to me with ease. My teachers have also taught me to write write well and solve complicated, real-world problems using sophisticated tools. The many challenges I have faced have also taught me the virtue of perseverance and endurance in the face of hardship. I have learned that with persistence and determination, I can learn anything.