Me & Julio Down by the School Yard

Dear Annapolis Friends and Families (and everyone else who I may have failed),
I want to introduce you to a very remarkable person.  His name is Julio Cesar Viana. You may have seen Julio around campus dutifully taking out trash, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming rooms, and working faithfully to keep the Annapolis campus clean and safe for our students and staff on a daily basis.  What you may not know is that Julio is on a special mission from God to serve the Annapolis community.

Julio was born into a Roman Catholic family in El Salvador where he attended a Catholic school.  In the 3rd grade, Julio experienced some unfortunate incidents that caused him to question his faith and lose interest in organized religion. A spiritually sensitive person by nature, Julio’s quest for answers and inner peace led him to study various religions while he became increasingly fascinated with the stories of Jesus Christ and his sufferings. Julio knew deep down that he was a sinner and in need of Christ’s atonement and forgiveness.
By 1979, when Julio was 21, a dangerous civil war had broken out with the Guerrilla rebel army fighting the El Salvadoran Government. Julio was sitting alone at a bus stop when a voice from Heaven spoke directly to him: “Julio, Julio, vete de aqui” (“get out of here”). Julio knew without a doubt that God had a special purpose for his life and was calling him to leave his homeland and come to the United States.
This past summer, Julio described for me yet another encounter with God. This time he was riding a bus along Staples St. in Corpus Christi when he passed Annapolis Christian Academy. Julio saw the steeple and heard God speak to him that He wanted Julio to apply for a job.  Julio tried twice to get hired but was turned down each time. Yet his sense that God was calling him to serve the Annapolis community persisted. He tried a third time and was hired on the spot. Boy are we glad!
Julio loves working for Annapolis, but in a larger sense, he feels he is fulfilling his purpose in life by working for God in serving the mission of Annapolis. In addition to his work at ACA, Julio is also continuing his education. He feels deeply that he has potential and wants to be prepared for whatever God may call him to do in the future.
When you see Julio around campus, be sure to thank him for following God’s voice and serving our school.  We are beyond blessed to have someone like Julio on our staff.

  • Ryan Sawyer

    Welcome Julio. Thank you for your service and for living your life in obedience to God. We are happy to know you are part of the ACA team.
    R. Sawyer

  • anonymous98765432

    What a beautiful story so far, Julio. We’re thankful that the Lord has blessed us with your presence at ACA and we look forward to the rest of your story. What a glorious thing to know and do the will of God!