ACA Students Rank #1 in Region on PSAT

According to the Texas Education Agency’s latest published data for average SAT scores in South Texas, Annapolis students rank number one in the region, outscoring every public high school by triple digits including top ranked London by 141 points!  Here’s the data:

While there isn’t any published data for Veterans Memorial High,  Annapolis students clearly stand head and shoulders above their other public school counterparts in the academic department.  While the PSAT is only one measure, it is the main currency used by colleges to determine “college readiness” and academic scholarship awards.

One might wonder how a classical education, rooted in the western liberal arts tradition with its classic literature and Latin language instruction can prepare students for modern standardized tests such as the SAT?  The answer is a humble, yet firm: “Better than anyone else.”

In an age where public education boils down to standardized test preparation, parents sometimes wonder if a classical education can possibly compete.  The answer is clear.  Put your fears to rest.  The fact is, classically trained students at Annapolis are receiving a world class education that not only gives them a profound understanding and appreciation for truth, goodness, and beauty, but also equips them to academically outperform their public school counterparts by their own standards.

If test scores are the currency the modern world is trading in, the data is clear that classically trained students at Annapolis will go into this world with full pockets!