God’s Promise to be Slow to Anger

The gifts and promises of God are great for us. They prove to us the love and kindness and beauty of God. But do we know how big and righteous God is?

Do we really know how holy, holy, holy, high and exalted God, the Creator of the universe really is?

I am sorry to say to everyone, we don’t measure up. So when we see ourselves as a fallen people who make mistakes, we can feel really small. If God is righteous and perfect, and He is; and if we sin and are fallen, and we are; there is a big difference between God and us!

Today we are talking about God’s promise to be slow to anger!  Psalm 103:8-10 talks about that promise:  “The LORD is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love. He will not always accuse, nor will He harbor His anger forever; He does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities.”

What this passage explains to us is that God who is righteous and holy is also full of grace and mercy and love for us–those who are not righteous and certainly not holy!

Here is a story about my brother and I who are a few years apart in age. Being younger, I would follow him and do what he would do. One day he wanted to go somewhere without me and so I was upset and was arguing with him. When we were fighting, I broke a glass. Not on purpose, but I was not paying attention to what I was doing. When my parents found out, my brother said that it was his fault that I broke the glass. He said if he would have let me come with him, we wouldn’t have had an argument, and I wouldn’t have broken the glass. He actually took the punishment for me even when he wasn’t the one who broke the glass.

My brother Javier is certainly not Jesus. But the story gives us a glimpse of what Jesus is like in this passage. This passage points to the understanding of Jesus. This Scripture was written about 1000 years before Jesus lived, but is understood as a reference point to God’s grace, compassion, mercy, forgiveness and salvation in Christ Jesus!

Think about this promise for God to be slow to anger, compassionate, gracious, and repaying us for what we deserve.  This promise is found in Jesus! We deserved the cross for our sins, for our mistakes, for our inequities but Jesus took it for us. And now we get to be with God forever because God is Slow to Anger!

Also, we not only get forgiveness when we do something wrong, but also we get to live out a righteous life.  We get to live a life that shows we are Slow to Anger when someone does something to us. Because if the Creator of all things can be full of love even when we do something wrong, we can be full of love when someone does something wrong against us.

Let us lean on the promises of God. Let us not be found sinful but be found loved by God!