Are You Listening God?

I love this series we are studying this semester–the promises of God!  Doesn’t that sound great?  We have talked about the promises of God’s love, forgiveness, and that He will always be with us.  Today’s message is about the promise of being heard.

You might think, well that isn’t a big deal, but it most certainly is. Psalm 34:15 says, “The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, and his ears are attentive to their cry.”

In this passage it says, God’s eyes are on the righteous. Righteous means people who do what He says to do.  So, what the Psalm says is that those who follow God will be given attention by him. He will keep his eyes on them and his ears ready for their call. Think about that! The Maker of all things in this universe, who keeps the earth moving and the sun shining and the universe together, still pays attention to us; he still listens to us.

There is no where in this world where we cannot be heard by God! When the world is loud with music, and sounds, and people talking, yelling or laughing, God still hears us. God still hears us!!! It doesn’t matter how noisy the world is; it doesn’t matter how quiet we are, God is listening to us! We don’t have to be afraid of being silenced. We don’t have to be scared of not getting help when we call God for it. The Lord is looking for us and is going to hear our cry for help.

Yesterday, I had a long day being a teacher, coach, and professor at my seminary. After all that my daughter called me and told me she needed something from the store. So, I ran to the store and got her what she needed, and she said, “Thank you, Daddy.”

Imagine if she couldn’t reach me–if I couldn’t hear her. Imagine if I couldn’t help her.

Imagine if I wasn’t paying attention to her call!  She would feel bad. She might feel that I would not do what she needs so she would need to do everything herself. She might feel that maybe if she doesn’t do it herself, she would have no one to help her.

But that wasn’t the case last night. I heard her cry… or her call and I ran to the store for her. That was an easy problem, but what about the big problems?  Where can we go when we have big problems or troubles that come against us? Who can we turn to? Who can we call for help? Who can we cry to?

We have a promise that we can cry to God, the Creator of all things, the holder of the universe, and we will be heard. So I say this…Let us be heard today and every day.

Not just with cries with our problems, but also with a joyful noise with thanksgiving of how great God is!  Let us raise our voices with songs of praise! Let us shout to this world about the love, forgiveness, greatness, mercy, grace, beauty, truth and promises of God!  Let us be heard about the great things God has done for us!

Let’s always remember the promise of being heard by God!