Meet the ACA Board of Trustees

Members of the Annapolis school board consist of current and past parents and grandparents, alumni and interested community members who are passionate about the mission of the academy and committed to ensuring its prosperous future. The ACA Board has the responsibility of being assigned the care and oversight of the school, but is not involved in the day-to-day operation of the organization, which it delegates to the school’s employees through the Headmaster.  Each year, Annapolis board members work closely with the Headmaster to provide the necessary resources for the school to fulfill its mission from one generation to another.  This year (2016-2017) Annapolis is proud to have on it’s Board of Trustees a group of extremely fine and talented people.

Oliver Family

Kent Oliver & Family

Kent Oliver is serving his second year as the president of the ACA board of trustees.  Kent is married to Jana Oliver and has three children Hannah (5th), Levi (4th grade age but ill and not attending ACA), and Eli (3rd).  Kent graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Kansas State University (He remains a lifelong raving Wildcat fan) and currently serves as the Senior Staff Electrical Engineer at the Valero Bill Greeley Refinery.  He attends City Church and enjoys time with his family and shredding face melting solos and ear drum shattering riffs on his electric guitar.

Kent with his full stack marshall amps channeling Eddie Van Halen.
Kent with his full stack marshall amps channeling Eddie Van Halen.

Kent also serves as the chairman of the board’s Building & Grounds committee and is spearheading the school’s capital expansion plans.  Kent brings a wealth of expertise and experience to Annapolis that make him an extremely valuable volunteer.  His project management skills at Valero require him to be a very detailed person as well as have long range vision. Some of his projects take years to fund, construct, and implement and many require delicate coordination with existing operating units, interaction with the local utility, AEP, and managing capital funds of over $25M per project. He has personally managed over $250M in capital projects at Valero and has developed close relationships with contractors and material suppliers that have benefitted ACA in countless ways.


Ashley Cocke & Family

Ashley Cocke is serving the first year of her three year term on the ACA Board and is the 2016-2017 Vice-President.  Ashley is married to Will Cocke and is mother to Cohen (5th) and Suzy (2nd) and aunt to Travis (10th).  Ashley graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology from Texas Tech University.  She enjoys participating in prayer groups and bible studies, spending time with friends and family, traveling, volunteering, art, and decorating.  She attends Quiet Time Ministries Church and is excited to use her gifts and talents to serve the Annapolis community as the chairman of the board’s Major Gifts Committee.  Through her extensive volunteer work in the Corpus Christi community (i.e. Junior League, Cotillion, Circle of Red, Fiesta de Los Ninos, Cattle Baron’s Ball, Alpha Child, etc.), Ashley has learned to work effectively with different groups of people and personalities.  She understands and appreciates the process and protocol of working on a board and has had many years of successful experience in fundraising.  Annapolis is blessed and excited to have Ashley on the team!

Pepper 2015 014

Lane Pepper & Family

Lane Pepper is serving the first year of his three year term on the ACA board and is the 2016-2017 Board Treasurer and chair of the Finance Committee.  Lane is married to Paula Pepper (vice-president of PALS) and is the father of Lance (3rd) and Layton (Kindergarten).  Lane is a member of City Church and Senior Vice President of Commercial Credit for Texas Farm Credit.  He graduated from Abilene Christian University with a BBA in Finance and earned his MBA in Finance from the University of Texas at San Antonio.  He enjoys sports, hunting, fishing, and investments.  Lane is is convinced that raising children into thoughtful young adults with a distinctively Christian vision of the world is not only the moral duty of all Christian parents but is also important in reversing America’s transformation into a secular humanist society.  Additionally, Lane recognizes that Annapolis will face significant financial decisions in its future and believes his financial expertise and educational background can provide valuable experience and guidance that will allow him to contribute positively to the future flourishing of the academy.

  Randall Reed & Family

Randall Reed is serving the third year of his three year term on the ACA Board of Trustees and is the 2016-2017 board secretary.  Randall is married to Kim Reed and is father to Hunter (3rd) and Chase (1st).  Randall attends Yorktown Baptist Church and is the Senior Consultant for Aptris, Inc.  He graduated with a BBA from TAMUCC and earned his M.ED in technology from Texas A&M College Station.  He enjoys playing with his kids, backyard grilling and woodworking.  His gifting involves helping struggling organizations improve their internal processes in the IT line of business based on successes he’s experienced in a blend of the Oil & Gas, Financial, Governmental, and Educational public and private sectors.


Ryan Dewbre & Family

Ryan Dewbre is serving the second year of his three-year term on the ACA board and serves on the board’s Finance Committee.  Ryan is married to Sarah and they have two children at Annapolis: Charlie (1st) and Hannah (PK4).  Ryan attends Emmaus Church and is the Managing Director of Dewbre Management, LLC.  He earned a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University – College Station and has served on multiple boards and committees in both the nonprofit and for profit sectors.  Ryan sees his relationship with ACA as a long-term educational partner and loves the school’s classical and Christ-centered approach to education.  One of his goals as a board member is to help Annapolis transition from an emerging institution to one that is built and positioned for the long term with deeply rooted goals and objectives.  He brings an extensive background of experience in a wide range of industries and company sizes with personal expertise in operations and finance.


Rob George & Family

Rob George is serving the first year of his three-year term on the board and is heading up the board’s Policy Committee.  Rob is married to Jan and they have three children: Lucy (1st), Clarey (Kindergarten), and Tres (Rise School preschool).  Rob is a member of City Church and an Associate Attorney with Hilliard, Munoz, Gonzales, LLP.  Rob earned his Juris Doctorate from Baylor University and enjoys spending time with family, hunting, fishing, reading about South Texas History, and helping startup companies and promote entrepreneurism.  Rob has been enamored with classical, Christian education since law school and his desire to enroll his kids at Annapolis was one of the primary motivators in his decision to relocate his family to Corpus Christi.  Among his many strengths and talents, Rob brings a lawyer’s zeal for problem solving; a trained analytical mind; a passion for classical Christian education; a quirky sense of humor; and the ability to make sentence fragments appear to be compound sentences.


Kevin Phillips and Family

Kevin Phillips is serving the first year of a second three-year term on the Annapolis board.  He is married to Norma and together they have one child: Alyssa (6th).  Kevin is a member of Parkdale Baptist Church and attended Del Mar College.  He enjoys fishing, hunting, shooting, and spending time with his family.  Kevin is the founder and owner of Vital Protection LLC and has over sixteen years of board experience including two years with the Police Officer’s Association Collective Bargaining Committee.  He has also performed volunteer services for the Women’s Shelter of the Coastal Bend, the United Way, and Humane Society.  Kevin was attracted to Annapolis because of its distinctively classical and Christ-centered curriculum.  He feels strongly that parents have a God-given moral duty to provide their children with a Christ-centered education and his desire is to strengthen Annapolis’ partnership with families to accomplish this mission.  Kevin’s greatest strength is his gift for counseling, advice, guidance, and support and he brings this attitude of service to his work on the Annapolis Board of Trustees.