I Teach History by Harrison Ross

I am a history teacher, but that is not ALL that I teach. In my classroom I use the subject of history as a vehicle to teach about life, to teach about God and His creation. This may seem cliché, but let me explain exactly what I mean.

All people, whether they admit it or not, are called to worship their Creator, to help build His kingdom here on earth. This is the answer to the age-old question “why am I here”? We are here to worship God. How do we best worship God? We best worship our creator by using the gifts and abilities He has blessed us with to help advance His kingdom and serve our fellow man.

This is precisely why we send our children to Annapolis Christian Academy. We do not send them to ACA to learn a specific set of skills, although they will learn many skills. We send them to ACA to help them discover what exactly the Lord has planned for them. ACA will help our students uncover the gifts they have been blessed with. ACA will assist our children develop those gifts so that they can use them to do the kingdom work here on earth that our Creator has called them to do. In short, ACA will help our children discover who they are and how they fit into Creation.

In the grammar school years (prek – 6th) our children are taught the fundamentals and essentials they will need to become life-long learners. The mathematics and language skills that are imparted will serve them well all of their lives. By the time our children reach the logic school years (7th & 8th) they yearn to be challenged and this explains much of the independence that we see them exhibit. ACA takes advantage of this change and shifts its educational strategy to fit the mercurial nature of the students. In the rhetoric years (9th-12th) our children, rapidly becoming adults, need a different kind of guidance.

In Rhetoric school we use chemistry and literature and history not just to teach the ins and outs of those disciplines, but to help our students find themselves, to find the gifts the Lord has given them. We teach our students to use their gifts to become better people, to become better Christians. So it is in this way that I use history as a vehicle to teach about life, about God, about our place in Creation. If I may use an analogy, the best part of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is not the bread, but the bread serves as a means to enjoy the peanut butter and jelly. Similarly, history is the bread upon which I convey the peanut butter and jelly of life.

Imagine the joy I get from understanding that my gifts and talents are best used to help our students find their gifts and talents. Of all the vocations I can think of, I am blessed beyond belief to be called to be a teacher. So yes, I teach history. I take it very seriously. But I do recognize that it is secondary to my real purpose, my real calling. My purpose is the same as yours. We are called to worship God. May His will be done.

Harrison Ross